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Simon Deré - Director of Business Development

Simon brings extensive expertise in pharmaceuticals, including small molecules, cell, gene, and tissue therapies, and medical devices. His skills in digital marketing and sales CRM tools will help us deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. Simon’s addition complements the expertise of Ann and Daniel, further strengthening our BD team and enhancing our client relationship management.

Simon is a Business Developer with a strong and diverse expertise in the small molecule pharmaceutical industry, in cell, gene, tissue therapies, as well as medical devices and software solutions. He has a background in molecular biology and experience as a team lead in the pharma sector.

In addition to his proficiency in the life science domain, he possess skills in marketing and executing successful digital campaigns. His knowledge of sales CRM software tools allows me to strategize and optimize sales processes effectively. He also has a strong knowledge of how to accelerate sales through digital tools.

Simon is proficient in leveraging the tools that allow him to stay ahead in the fast-paced business landscape, fostering success and growth for the organizations . Furthermore, his IT proficiency enables him to leverage IT sales tools efficiently, enhancing overall business performance. He also demonstrated a keen ability to train and coach multiple salespeople across different language areas and regions with success.

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