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2 Bridge Ecosystem

At 2 Bridge, we believe in the power of collaboration. Over the years this led to the creation of the 2 Bridge Ecosystem which is continuously growing and evolving. It consists of loyal partners, medical and other experts, Key Opinion Leaders for many indications, independent advisors, …

By joining our  Ecosystem, we offer you great opportunities to leverage your business competence.

By working with 2 Bridge, you automatically gain access to our valuable network and benefit from the right expertise at the right time, at any stage during the development trajectory. Tapping into the 2 Bridge Ecosystem ensures the best solution for your project.

When creating our Tiger Teams, we complement our team with carefully selected experts from our Ecosystem to create additional value for the project.

The Ecosystem to Build

Your Life Sciences Company

30% of our clients are biotech companies. In need of more structure, temporary team members or full development teams?  Feel free to reach out so we can create the right solution together. 
In case of operational execution of your preclinical or clinical trial, we can advise on loyal partners we have previously worked with to have quality solutions or perform a CRO selection exercise. We do not have exclusivity with any of the CROs in our ecosystem as we always make the best choice based on specific needs.
Next to our internal expertise our network also contains several experienced entrepreneurs that we can work with to help develop/grow your business.
If you are looking for a place to perform your Phase I trials, we can provide you with our contacts or help you choose the right clinical research center.
Our network contains several CDMOs to help you find the solutions for your manufacturing from early development through marketing. From small molecules over oligonucleotides to vaccines. Our connections can help you to find the right path forward.
Many professionals with specific knowledge in certain areas started their own companies or became independent advisors to the industry. Being able to access the knowledge of these experts is a true benefit for your program development. Through our network you get access to the expert you need at any given time during the project.
We have a wide range of connections in different therapeutic areas which allows us to easily set up advisory board meetings or gain insights for your study design or development program.
Intellectual property (IP) rights are valuable assets for your business. We can through our partnerships connect you with the right people to ensure the proper protection or contract support.
Communication and systems are key to gain efficiency and are need to protect your data. Our network contains partners used to working with start-ups in the pharmaceutical industry. Feel free to discuss your needs and we coordinate or bring you in contact with the right partner.
40% of our clients are start-up companies – feel like being supported by our tigers? Feel free to reach out so we can build our team to serve your needs.
Combining your scientific knowledge with our experience in drug development can make a difference in your project to get your project to the clinic. Feel free to reach out, we are happy to work out the right approach together.
We are experienced in working with pharma companies. In need of temporary team members or full development teams with strong experience in R&D?  Feel free to reach out we are happy to strengthen your company.
We work together with investors. If you are in need of R&D knowledge for your investments or help in starting companies? We have the solutions available to make it happen.

Case Study - Briefing Book


Create a Tiger Team with the right expertise to generate a briefing book for scientific advice in a 3-week timeframe.  The scientific advice requires for questions on the CMC, preclinical and clinical strategy based on a non-conventional data package.

Our Approach

A 2 Bridge Tiger team was assembled, tailored to the specific needs of the project.

It included internal 2 Bridge experts such as a CMC expert, medical advisor, development strategist, project manager, and medical writer. Furthermore, the Tiger Team was enriched through the 2 Bridge ecosystem with a toxicologist and CMC expert, both with strong regulatory backgrounds, as well as a PK/PD modeling expert.

The client only had to work with one company – 2 Bridge – for contracting and payments. The full tiger team nicely blended with the client’s organization. No difference was made between 2 Bridge team members and 2 Bridge ecosystem team members.


The team developed a comprehensive First–in–Human–enabling strategy, encompassing CMC, preclinical and clinical aspects while creating the briefing book. The client was able to have the high-quality briefing book submitted to the authorities within the foreseen timelines without losing time and effort looking for different experts and aligning them.

One year later, the program’s first patient was treated in a Phase 1b/2 global clinical study.

Experienced cross-functional project management professional for both pre-clinical and clinical projects.
Seasoned CMC expert with over 25 years experience in pharmaceutical development, registration and production.
Senior consultant for CMC drug development and regulatory affairs.
A Board-certified MD, Anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience from the clinical frontier.
Senior expert in physiological pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling.
Senior strategist with over 20 years of experience in R&D with a track record in translational and development strategy.
Senior consultant expert for nonclinical drug development and regulatory affairs.
Experienced cross-functional R&D manager for both pre-clinical and CMC with medical writing expertise.

Ellen Voorspoels

R&D Senior Director, Alliance & Project Management

A passionate drug developer with 20+ years of experience in the field, including cross-functional general and strategic project management (including GI), alliance and business development management.

I am happy to be collaborating with 2 Bridge on different projects.

Working with 2 Bridge gives me the opportunity to use the experiences I have gained so far to support companies in life sciences. Since I became part of the 2 Bridge ecosystem, I was asked to work on different projects both with external customers as within the 2 Bridge company itself. The way 2 Bridge sets up the teams and projects always makes me feel part of the 2 Bridge team from the moment the assignment starts.

So far, the assignments I have supported for 2 Bridge, have been interesting, further enhanced my knowledge, broadened my network, and challenged me. This is part why the collaboration I have with 2 Bridge is so successful to me; it provides room for my individual needs and allows me to still grow as a professional.

2 Bridge provides a professional framework where people are dedicated to their projects but also take the time for celebrations and laughter. I strongly recommend being part of the ecosystem.

Use all your talents and interest to live your life to the fullest!