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Join us to work in a non-hierarchy and flexible team where your personal and professional growth is highly appreciated and supported.

We believe in ...

“Together everyone achieves more”

We highly value the power of teamwork. Our non-hierarchical, interactive, and cross-functional way of working helps us to build harmonious and highly effective teams, where we interact and learn from leading experts to complement our skills.

“Healthy work/life balance”

we strongly endorse a healthy work/life balance to support our team maintain efficiency at work, personal growth, and harmonious families by endorsing a hybrid working style. You choose when you want to work and where you will work.

We act upon ...

See what needs to be done pro-actively and takes action to ensure that tasks gets done.
Take final responsibility and do what needs to be done (with passion and perseverance).
Use resources in an efficient manner to achieve deliverables in a qualitative manner based on predefined agreements/requirements.
Able to adapt to different situations/environments.
Ability to see and act beyond own perspective.

Why I Love to Work at 2 Bridge

An Rykx

R&D Leader, Clinical Development

Working at 2 Bridge started in a kind of unique way for me, which will always remain something special. I joined 2 Bridge in 2015, not long after it was founded by former colleagues of mine. Having worked for small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies before, I got the opportunity to join 2 Bridge as the first ‘employee.’ I didn’t doubt for a second getting the chance to work again with my former colleagues, all highly motivated, experienced, and skilled people. Moreover, a team with the same mindset that I truly value, being fair, open-minded, and focused on reaching targets without losing an eye for the team. How could I refuse?

It has been an incredible journey so far, witnessing and being part of the growth of 2 Bridge since then. Personally, I have been able to grow in my Clinical Development role, but I was also able to support the company in other aspects - for instance, implementing the GDPR within 2 Bridge - which makes it even more interesting at 2 Bridge as it is an environment where there are opportunities to explore different areas.

Today, I am so happy to see that 2 Bridge still strives to attract seniors as well as juniors that have that same mindset and team spirit they were looking for from the start, moving together in the same direction to be able to support our clients even better.

Eric Ciamporcero

R&D Leader, Scientific Development

I joined 2 Bridge in May 2020 as an R&D Manager after working in large pharma and startups. It was in my previous job in a startup where I got to meet a 2 Bridge tiger team and immediately admired their responsible and honest values and the way they interact with people, always fair and with full respect and support. Of course, most importantly, quality was always prioritized with a tactful approach throughout my collaboration with them.

After almost three years in the company, I can fully confirm that this initial perception was correct. I am so glad to cooperate with a team of professionals in a great work environment.

The aspect that I mostly like about our multidisciplinary approach is that it enables us to continuously learn and broaden our knowledge of the entire drug development process beyond our specific expertise.

Charlotte Van Spaendonck

R&D Leader, CMC

On a typical day, I work for one or different clients depending on the status and scope of the projects. As we mainly work in tiger teams, I get to work together with some of my internal 2 Bridge colleagues as well, which I like a lot compared to being just a consultant that is outsourced. Working within CM&C, we either support our client with project management or more technical support like the writing of protocols and reports, and on a daily base, I attend meetings with clients or vendors. We also have a great team at 2 Bridge to fall back on in case of questions outside my expertise, so we can support our clients utmost. What I love most about my role is being able to do many different things, keep learning and developing yourself and work with talented and motivated colleagues.

At 2 Bridge, we have the flexibility to work from home, work in our office, or work at the client’s office. In fact, the hybrid working style has already been in place for a long time before the pandemic. I find these different work environments very stimulating because I love the mix of remote versus the office, which makes it easier to plan for focus time, catch-up time, and of course, the fun parts like lunch, a walk around the block, or even a small after-work party. Thanks to the flexibility, both the quality of my private life and my productivity at work have increased a lot.

I really love the positive energy at 2 Bridge and feel appreciated and supported every single day.

Katleen Swinnen

R&D Manager, Scientific Development

As long as I remember, it has been clear to me and my surroundings that I need to be challenged. During the conduct of my Ph.D., I noticed that reaching deadlines, solving problems, and advancing patient care, got me energized. As my PhD was ending, I was hoping to get a clear view on my next career plans. However, since the job opportunities in life sciences are plenty, this was a very difficult choice for me. From the moment I met Ann Meulemans, the CEO of 2 Bridge, I felt at ease and noticed that she clearly understood my need to develop personally and create meaningful impacts.

Currently, I’m working on several projects in parallel with a focus on both pre-clinical, as well as clinical drug development. It is amazing to see how much I have learned in such a short amount of time by working with experienced colleagues and being offered many opportunities to come out of my comfort zone. The job is very exciting because every working day is a different day with unique experiences and challenges. This allows me to acquire knowledge in all the different aspects of research and drug development instead of only one specialized topic. On top of that, I feel that amongst my colleagues, I can really be myself and feel trusted and valued from day one.

Thanks to my job, I can proudly say that I contribute to the different steps of drug development with a team who shares the same value as me.

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Spontaneous application

2 Bridge is always looking for a wide range of talents (including freelancers) to strengthen our fast-growing team. Feel free to send your unsolicited application.