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Company Building

At 2 Bridge, our experienced healthcare leaders can support a company's setup, growth, and development. This includes strategic planning, hands-on support, and advice on best practices for managing and operating a life sciences company.

Our Tiger Team can seamlessly blend into your team. By choosing us, you immediately benefit from the unique advantages of working with an ecosystem of seasoned healthcare executives and R&D leaders, including but not limited to:

  • Flexible R&D support throughout the project resulting in lower costs as compared to full-time hires of similar profiles

  • Rapid execution of R&D plans upon funding – no delay in hiring & onboarding

  • Independent expert opinion avoiding unnecessary risk-taking and project creeping

  • Facilitated transition to full-time management and shaped the company for exit options

  • Transparent and competitive fee structure allowing focus on R&D expenditures

  • Continuous experience and value creation, avoiding cost-intensive trial-and-error process in early phases

Together, we build successful and sustainable healthcare companies.

Company building

C-level and Program Leadership

Building valuable companies from assets

Corporate Development

  • Organizational design
  • Portfolio management
  • Business plan
  • Investor readiness

Management Support

  • Broad range of C-levels: CEO, CSO, CMO, CDO, CFO
  • Governance structure
  • BoD and investor interactions

Operational Support

  • Project Leaders & Project Management Leader Oversight
  • Quality Management & System Implementation

Seamless alignment of venture building and development programs

Tomas Van Dyck

Managing Partner & co-CEO

An energetic finance professional with a track record in strategic financial management and controlling combined with more than 15 years of experience in the life-sciences industry.

When I am involved in a multi-disciplinary team at 2 Bridge, I focus on setting up the right administrative processes quickly so the company can operate smoothly from the start. It is important to take that burden away from the scientists so they can focus on developing the science. But setting up processes is only the starting point. Banking on my experience in both big pharma and biotech, I help them set up a business plan, and translate that into yearly budgets and cash-flow projections. With this, the biotech is well-armed when talking to investors for funding and later discussing their progress with the board and potential new investors. And that indicates the wide range of my job in supporting biotech: from making sure invoices are paid on time, to making sure the board timely receives accurate numbers to making a multi-year business plan to prepare the next financing round. And to do that, I can rely on the input from my 2 Bridge team members.

Solid science is not enough to be a successful biotech, you also need to create a solid company around it.