Periphery-brain Interplay and CNS Disease

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Periphery-brain Interplay and CNS Disease Conference!


14-15 NOVEMBER 2023



About It

This conference edition will be centered around exploring the pivotal role of the periphery-brain interplay in the context of CNS diseases. Traditionally, CNS diseases were believed to originate primarily within the CNS itself. However, emerging research has brought to light the significant influence of peripheral signals on the development and progression of these disorders. During the conference, we will delve deeper into various mechanisms contributing to the periphery-brain interplay in CNS diseases.

Furthermore, the conference will focus on the intricate interplay between the body and the brain, exploring how the body communicates with the brain through various signaling pathways and the subsequent impact on homeostasis.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • The gut-brain axis
  • Body-brain signaling and impact on homeostasis
  • Adaptive & innate immune system interplay in the diseased brain
  • Immune surveillance at the brain borders

Meet Our Experts

Michele Partoens

R&D Manager, Scientific Development