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Client Achievement

€27 Million in Series A Financing to advance its novel treatment paradigm for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

Dr. Carole Guillonneau, PhD

Scientific Founder & Head of Research at AbolerIS Pharma

Carole holds a PhD in Immunology from University of Paris VII. Currently, Carole is Director of Research 1st class at the CNRS, team 2 leader at the CR2TI and director of the FOCIS Center of Excellence Nantes University.

When we met the 2 Bridge Tiger Team, they immediately understood our vision, needs and challenges to translate our scientific goals into a successful company. We were impressed by their organization, their approach and ability to bridge the gap and bring on board the people with the right expertise and strong experience. Their dedication and commitment to excellence has had a significant impact on our organization and their efforts significantly contributed not only on the growth and progress of our company but also in the successful series A funding of 27 million euros. The 2 Bridge Tiger Team has not only met but exceeded our expectations, I would highly recommend them to any company venturing into life sciences.

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